This is how the hairstyles of the future will look like

Baby Boomer generation folks may want to revert to their old 60s hairstyle.  If they do, they may look more like their children than other boomers.  It seems 1960s hairstyles are back, at least that is what a some celebrity reporters are saying.

I am not surprised.  So many things from the 60s seem to keep in vogue.  The strange thing is, when I see those old styles, whether it is a Mohawk, too much grease, waves and a lot of curls, I am surprised.  That Brylcreem I used to use, I threw it away long ago.  But, now I have long hair.  A 60 plus man with 60s hair.  Yep, that is me.


1 Make a mess. Tousled hair is en vogue once more, but the new version is less bed-head, more styled. To get the look, work in mousse, blow or air dry hair and scrunch. Next, rub a little SHOW Beauty Riche Grooming Balm through hair, using your thumb and forefinger to pick out certain pieces and direct them towards your face.

 2 Don’t get lax. There’s a big difference between dishevelled and downright unkempt. Tousled hair: good. Unwashed hair: bad.

 3 Boost more shine by eating biotin. It’s found in eggs, bananas, yogurt and beans. Or cheat with Pure Treatment Oil by twisting through the lengths and ends.

 4 Add texture. That post-coital slightly-messy thing is always a turn-on. Fake yours before you even get started by spritzing Premiere Working Texture Spray spritzed through damp or dry hair and ruffling as you dry.

 5 Flat hair isn’t flattering. Go for something more lusciously full. For the ultimate in sexy volume, massage through Lux Volume Mousse and blow-dry with a large round barrel brush, bending the ends as you go. If your hair is thick, set it in jumbo hot rollers an inch down from the crown. For thinner hair use a decent curling iron.

 6 Do a side-parting. Letting hair fall over one eye with the other one peep out is flirty and fun. To get the look, get an angled cut, blast dry the front section from side-to-side, spritz with Premiere Finishing Spray and finger-comb into place across your eye.


 7 Try a sultry ponytail. To channel sexy, not schoolgirl, go for one that’s got a little more volume than usual. To get the requisite oomph, tease hair a bit at your crown, then tie with an elastic at your nape, but don’t make it too tight.

 8 Bunch it on top. This looks casual and confident. Just rake hair back, coiling dry hair up, wrap and twist slightly, then pin with a clip for a playful look with lots of volume.

 9 Layer it! Long layers and a fringe looks ‘rock chick’, whether you choose to wear it ruffled a la Parisienne chic, finger-twirled or sleek.

  10 Make a zig-zag parting. Go beautifully undone with a squiggly line as a parting. Don’t make it too neat – this is meant to look insouciant and sexy.

 11 Go for a polished crop. If you have shorter hair, a blunt cut lifts the face up, highlights the eyes and is still very feminine and flattering.

 12 Go between collarbone and breast line. Keeping hair this length with layers framing the face adds movement, keeping the look fresh and modern.

 13 And finally, relax. If it looks like you’ve tried too hard, your hair will have the opposite to the desired effect, so don’t bother with 5am touch ups or clandestine compact checks – sexiness is confidence, after all. “If a woman wants to be sexy she has to be comfortable,” says sex symbol Sophia Loren – and we thoroughly agree.


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