11 reasons why choosing your own shoes is essential

Materials to design shoes with maximum comfort and style at their heart; shoes that must look as good as their feel and live up to the every day demands of women getting on with their busy lives. The long and short (or sometimes arched and wide) of it is, our shoes are designed for you and what makes you who you are. We hope you’ll feel like they’re made for you.

Elevate glam rock n’ roll style with perfectly curated accessories.

Glam rock ‘n’ roll is a timeless look, especially when updated with effortless modern footwear, be it retro, goth, punk, glam, or neo-90’s flannel-and-jeans. As Autumn approaches take the time to play with our four favourite seasonal styles that are sure to score you a backstage pass to rock n’ roll chic.

  1. Wet-Look Leather
    A touch of leather provides an element of armour to any rock chic ensemble – throw on a leather jacket for effortless I’m with the band style, or brave a leather dress and unleash your inner femme fatale. Accessorise with ankle boots in the softest leather, or add a touch of black patent with strappy heels.
  2. All that Glitters in Platinum and Gold
    A bold metallic helps you stand out from the partying masses – glam platinum and metallic accessories add a rebellious edge to your outfit. Pair platinum ankle boots with distressed denim to secure a back stage pass.
  3. Soft Suedes
    Add a boho twist with the softest of suedes – be it a caramel fringed vest or an ankle skimming dress. Suede ankle boots will ensure you’re well-heeled while attending concerts into the early hours of the morning.
  4. Decadent Prints
    Snake skin provides a note of dangerous sophistication to any rock chick ensemble – such a strong print is best expressed through well-chosen accessories. Team black snake skin pumps with stove pipe jeans, or sport brogues with croc details for a masculine twist.

How to Wear High Heels.

Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. The known heel-aficionado was probably meaning the confidence that a fabulous pair can inspire, but if you find walking in them tricky, all you’ll be conquering, is a wobbly walk to the end of the block.

Women have long had a love hate relationship with heels. It’s hard to dispute the upsides: they elongate your legs, and accentuate the shape of them, improve your posture and make your entire body appear slimmer. But the downsides are compelling enough to limit many of us to a flats-only policy: They can be painful to wear, tricky to walk in, and even cause long-term damage to your feet if poorly designed or ill-fitting.


With summer comes a host of sundresses, shift frocks and event-dressing, and so if ever there was a time you were tempted by your own Cinderella moment it might be now.



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