Important Things about Auto Repair Costs

Important Things to Know About the Cost of Auto Repair

We understand the importance of a safe, reliable automobile. When your car is out of commission, it can disrupt your whole life. When a customer entrusts us with their auto repair and maintenance, we take it very seriously.

If you feel that you have been ripped off by a local auto repair shop, or have had a negative experience for any other reason, we hope you will give us the chance to restore your faith in the industry. We believe that long-term relationships are based on a knowledge and trust. In today’s post, we will look at some things about the cost of service that are important for auto owners to understand.

It costs a lot of money to operate our Lanoka Harbor full-service automotive service center. Profit margins are a lot narrower than many people imagine. Cars are far more complex, thus the tools and diagnostic equipment are also more complicated and expensive. Diagnosing why your Check Engine light is on may require a machine that costs 18k. Ask a senior technician how much he/she has invested in tools, initial education and ongoing training.

For example, a carburetor used to be a pretty simple part to maintain and repair. Nowadays, an electronic fuel system repair in Lanoka Harbor requires a technician to have a higher level of knowledge and expensive diagnostic equipment to read and interpret the numerous trouble codes. And it doesn’t end there. Shops must pay subscription fees for database services to locate and order the right parts. Buying or leasing shop space has risen along with other commercial real estate prices in Lanoka Harbor.

All the technology that makes today’s cars safer, more reliable, more fuel-efficient, more comfortable, more environmentally-friendly and full of more nifty gadgets comes at a price for Lanoka Harbor motorists. Furthermore, complying with government regulations tacks on additional costs.

Hopefully, today’s post sheds some light on the factors that affect your auto repair bill. The team at Ryan’s Servicenter believes that quality service performed by veteran technicians saves money in the long run and protects your automotive investment.


The vast majority of mechanics are regular people who work hard for their client, and they’re certainly not out to rip anyone off. It’s also important to remember that like any industry or job, things do go wrong. What this article is going to do, however, is help you separate an innocent mistake that your mechanic is trying to make right, from dodgy, unscrupulous mechanics trying to rip you off.

Things to Consider

There can be a lot of valuable information stored between the lines of a quote. A quote should always aim to be as comprehensive as possible, outlining parts, labour costs and even sundries. The more information there is on the quote when you sign on the dotted line, the better off you’re going to be when presented with the bill. Here are the main things to keep in mind when setting out to have some work quoted.

1. Sometimes a job is simply too complex to accurately quote without starting to diagnose first and any reputable mechanic will be honest with you about this
2. Give your mechanic as much information about the problem as possible – help them to help you
3. A mechanic should never undertake work, other than what is on the quote without informing you first, in which case sign a new quote with the extra work included
4. Make sure your mechanic is noting down everything you’re telling them – mechanics are busy people and won’t necessarily remember every little thing you said an hour later

An hourly rate does not indicate a good or bad mechanic. We’ve used $40/hour mechanics before that were absolutely brilliant, yet some blokes upwards of $150/hour have left us scratching our heads. The bottom line here is to not judge a mechanic based off their hourly rate. They might get so much work that they can afford to run at a lower rate whereas others might have higher overheads for specialised equipment or higher rent on a larger premises with more staff.


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